Toolkit Appendix



New Hampshire Resources


New Hampshire 2014 Broadband Plan

New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program

New Hampshire GRANIT

New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development

New Hampshire Department of Energy and Planning

Listing of NH Municipalities websites

New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions

New Hampshire Department of Education

NH Labor Market Information

University of New Hampshire Broadband Center of Excellence




Federal Resources


Federal Communications Commission (FCC)



NTIA Broadband Adoption Toolkit

White House: ConnectED





Community Broadband Readiness Assessment Tool

Inventory of Community Stakeholders Template

Community Broadband Matrix

Greenfield Internet Survey

Kickoff Meeting Template

Vision Chart

SMART Goal Worksheet

Objective Setting Worksheet

Engaging Community Members

Outreach and Engagement Planning Chart

E911 Mapping Request Template

Identifying Utility Pole Attachments


Working Effectively with Groups:


Responsibilities of a Chairperson

Effective Facilitation

Meeting Management Guidelines

Planning Community Meetings

Group Development

Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People

Responsibilities of a Committee Member

Community Building Helping Action Groups Succeed

Ground Rules for Small Group Discussions

Community Building Working with Volunteers Best Practices


Broadband Workshop November 2014:



Economic Development

Community Initiative

Broadband Community Resources




Maps lists:


NH Broadband Map Gallery

National Broadband Map

NH Cable Franchises by Towns

NH Utility Territories



Other Useful Toolkits:


The National e-Commerce Extension Initiative: Connecting Communities

A Community Information Toolkit

Blandin Foundation

New Mexico Broadband Guidebook

Link Wisconsin