Section 4: Plan: Plan Components


As the community completes its assessment and prioritizes intitiatives there are opportunities to set these priorities multiple component, including municipal plans.


Developing a broadband plan is your foundation for change.  Whether it is to promote awareness, adoption, or increase availability of broadband, the plan must contain several components and be localized to fit the needs and wants of your community.  You have to be willing to take all that you have learned in your community assessment,  set goals and objectives, and identify organizational structure, business model, and funding resources.


Basic plan components are the critical to any success you may have to move an initiative forward.  The plan components could be considered a road map that you complete in sequential steps.


Basic Plan Components


Mission Statement: Answers the question – why do we exist? What you are here to do, and what is your unique approach to the situation you are looking  to tackle? This statement is key to the any organization or organization effort, as everything that it does should flow from your mission.


Vision: A description of the reality you expect to create. What will success look like? If a strategic plan is the “blueprint” for an organization’s work – the vision is the rendering of the achievement of that plan.What are you trying  and what do you want to achieve.  


Strategic Plan: Strategic planning is the process to help determine your organization's goals and objectives and the actions you need to take to get there. Strategic planning is a disciplined effort by your organization — board, staff, committee — to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future. Strategic planning is simply a management tool to help an organization do a better job.


New Hampshire Strategic Plan

Colorado Strategic Plan Example

Mississippi Strategic Plan Example 

Missouri Strategic Plan Example


Business Plan: Organizing your structure, business models and funding the plan may take some creative strategies and long-term planning to reach your goal.  There are many funding resources that can be sought but make sure that you can deliver the product or project that you seek to fund.  Take advantage of any regional initiatives or public/private partnerships that compliment your broadband plan.


Master Plans and Broadband

Master Plans are required by law to promote the principles of smart growth, sound planning, and wise resource protection in local jurisdictions.  Planning boards are responsible for preparing and amending from time to time the master plan which guides the development of the municipality.


Reviewing and updating the municipal master plan with broadband and telecommunication language, concepts, goals can be a component of your broadband plan.  Collaboration with neighboring communities could advance the goals of your plan.


A good resource for help with Master Plan and broadband planning are your Regional Planning Commissions and the New Hampshire Municipal Association


Examples of NH Master Plan


Below are some good examples NH Town Master Plans with language about broadband, telecommunications, telephone, cable, infrastructure, internet, and wireless service.


Items of Interest

Deerfield, NH Excerpt of one of the recommendations in the Master Plan: "Through zoning and land use policies and regulations the Town can work to concentrate new residential and commercial development in a compact nature near existing broadband infrastructure. This may require easing lot size requirements in some areas. However, it will allow for cost effective and efficient connection of those residents and businesses in town that desire or require reliable broadband access. "
Bedford, NH 
Ensure that an adequate communication 
infrastructure is developed to meet both 
business and residential needs
Amherst, NH
Explore shared 
infrastructure between 
Town and schools. 
Loudon, NH
Renegotiate the cable television contract with AT&T Broadband to permit more residents 
to access its advanced telecommunications capacities. 
Keene, NH "No one technology is best suited to solve the region's broadband shortage.  A diverse, multifaceted approach using a combination of fiber and wireless technologies will be required to equip the region to participate in the global economy, particularly in light of the region's geographic challenges.
All effort to achieve the objectives of the Monadnock Region Broadband Plan (included in Appendices) should be pursued."
Nashua, NH


Work with the telecommunications industry to improve the telecommunications infrastructure, and make state-of-the art, wide-band technology available to citizens, the business community, and schools.  Such actions will ensure that Nashua is fully competitive with other areas of the country seeking high technology business growth."

Sanbornton, NH "Provide incentives for the unserved and underserved areas of the community, with priority and focus on the four areas recommended in the Land Use Chapter of the Master Plan for economic development (specifically the Village Center and the three Neighborhood Commercial areas)."


Other NH Master Plans

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Hillsborough Master Plan

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