Appendix: Fund

Options available for funding broadband projects.


Funding for broadband initiatives may take multiple funding sources to reach the level of investment needed by your community.  Private companies are more likely to participate in profitable broadband solutions.  Successful funding strategies today could consist of combining resources from residents, businesses, municipalities, counties, state resources. Other funding sources could include foundation funds, development corporations, and bank financing.  Your strategy should be guided by how much capital you need to raise and then find resources to fund portions or all of the project.  As broadband infrastructure can be costly to implement you may want to create smaller projects that can be combined to implement a larger strategy.  


To calculate broadband costs,  start with your community's completed Broadband Feasibility Matrix  and use the analysis to narrow down your community's broadband solution.  You can use one of the spreadsheet examples below that fits your needs to help you calculate the cost for implementation.



Spreadsheet fiber to premise cost estimator