Create Speed Test

The speed test information that you provide will be used to map current broadband availability and plan for future broadband expansion in NH.  By running the speed test, you understand that broadband access characteristics at your location may be displayed on public maps.


If you're unable to conduct the speed test due to being on dial-up or satellite, please feel free to share your story and information through our survey or email us directly using our contact form.  If you have any questions regarding the speed test, please see our frequently asked questions or contact the program directly.


Your current location's street, city, state and zipcode, as well as Internet Service Provider (ISP) are required in order to run the speed test.

Intermittent issues using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser are known and tt is recommended that non-Internet Explorer browers are used to run the speed test.

Please provide any additional comments that you would like to share with the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping & Planning Program.

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